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Live Gospel Event

IMBA – the Swahili word for SING

IMBA Together is a free concert featuring Gospel and Christian contemporary music that will take place at The Reynolds Place Theatre 251 N Spruce St  WS NC 27101. 


Our mission to use one voice to honor God and to raise awareness for those living with autism.

The heart and soul behind this unique celebration of music and diversity is Anna Simtaji.  Anna, who is originally from  Tanzania, brought IMBA Together to the Triad in 2015 and the event was held four times prior to the pandemic, growing in size and recognition each time.

 Anna  believe that beautiful things happen not in the managing of hundreds of tiny details that go into orchestrating an event of this size but in the way that doing so brings a variety of people together for a common cause.  Sometimes the most basic tasks can uncover special meaning as friendships are made and bonds are formed by people who may not have had reason to meet otherwise.

Autism awareness and support is crucial to Anna and her family.  Her 23 year old son Edward is a person living with autism.  One thing that Anna can always count on is that music can soothe and calm Edward when other things fail.

“Regardless of the language you speak, the style you sing, the color of your skin, the church you attend (if you even attend church), your style, your age, your gender, we are all coming together on October 27-28, 2013 to praise God and to promote autism awareness” says Anna. 


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